Vaping is a savior for me, it helped me a lot to quit my smoking for good. I really appreciate that it was invented.

Just a little background, I was a heavy smoker. I can smoke about one pack of cigarette in one day. I can smoke literally one after another. It is bad that it I spend so much money on smoking. I smoke anywhere even if it is prohibited and even in public places. I feel like I am going to faint if I can’t get my hands on a cigarette.

I knew that I need an alternative to smoking cause I know it is really bad for my health. I am starting to smell like butts and my sense of smell is somewhat not sharp anymore because of too much smoking. I really want to change!

I was really determined to quit smoking, so I started to browse the internet for answers. I came across a site about vaporizers, the site was named v-f. It was an awesome site and it is very informative. Its articles are all about vaporizers review, comparisons and updates.

One article I stumbled upon was about mighty vs crafty, it was so compelling that it urged me to buy a crafty for myself. I love my crafty vaporizer it is easy to use and really handy.

Vaping really helped me a lot. Primarily it helped me quit my smoking for good. It was a complete 360 degrees turn of my whole life from being a smoking addict to now a healthy vaping person. I don’t want to look back on those days.

What is important is that I changed for the better and I owe it to vaping. No words can describe how it really feels now that I have quit smoking.

Vaping Helped my Addiction