I am an only child. I can get whatever I want. I admit I am a spoiled brat. But I can’t blame myself. My father and mother are always out and on business trips. I am left with my Nana all the time.

I can pretty much say I am a lonely kid. Although I am surrounded by expensive things, I am still lonely. In my quench for attention, I went aboard and party all the time. I went also into vices that are illegal. I abused drugs and alcohol. I was pretty much a mess.

I feel every day of my life is slipping out of my hand. I know I need help but where, that was playing on my mind. Everyday seems to a senseless routine, ill wake up and go out with my “friends”. Friends that are not really, they are just there to keep me company but that is it. After the party we just go our own separate ways not even asking what our lives have been or even ask how my life is going.

I always long for someone who I can talk to, just someone to talk to that is it. My family are just my family, yes, it’s true that they provided me with a good life and all, but I need a different kind of nurturing. I want a connection that is beyond the physical things.

One day when I was browsing through my phone, a particular article about counseling caught my attention. I immediately read it. The article is spot one and it is like my life is being described word for word. I searched for a counselor in Tulsa, OK and I found Meister Counseling. I right away booked a session.

I also find an article about mommy makeover in tulsa oklahoma. I see that they are offering a lot.

On the first counseling session my loneliness was quenched right away by Michael. He was a professional counseling and I have my faith on him that he will help me on my plight.

I am an Only Child