Our family is a fan of gaming, my dad is an avid fan of video games since he was a kid. So, when he got kids, he made sure that his kids will also experience the enjoyment and excitement of gaming. Because of this my dad bought a gaming console and made sure that we do gaming as a family. We sit down together in front of the monitor and enjoy the games together. We are so happy that we are doing this gaming thing together. It made are family bond stronger.

One day while siting and gaming our game console just turned off without notice. We checked if we accidentally unplugged the machine and see that it was not. Next thing we did was unplug and re plug the device and push the power button, but still it did not work. Next thing my father tried was surf the internet for troubleshooting and search blog after blog and still did not find the answer to our problem.

My father decided to take our game console to the nearest repair shop and tried to get it fix. My father left the console for repair on the shop and we are left with no gaming console in our house. We don’t have a family gaming session anymore.

So, my father though of buying a game PC for our family but he doesn’t know what to buy. So, my father checked the internet and visited websites that you can read full comparison post about CPU, RAM, Motherboards and GPU.

My father also checked YouTube videos on the latest PC builds that we can afford. So, at the end we settled with the following specs an Intel core i5 processor, with 16gb DDR4 RAM, a gigabyte motherboard and an Nvidia GTX 1050 graphics card.

When we got our own PC build finally in our house. We connected it to our main TV in our living room and we bought Pc games right away. We also bought controllers for our gaming pleasure.

Family that Games Togethers Stays Together